“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”


root ( \ˈrüt), verb: to become fixed or established
(ad·ven·ture), noun: a bold, usually risky undertaking

At first glance, “Root Adventures” may seem a paradox - exploration and grounding are in direct opposition. But here at Root Adventures, we believe the best way to connect to yourself, community and world around you is to go to a place of vulnerability. Travel allows us to strip away our preconceived notions and see the people and communities around the world through a new, less-filtered lense. Travel should be a transformative, soul-connecting, honest exploration of your deeper self. We focus on creating adventures that allow you to stray from the beaten path and connect to the local culture, nature and community in an authentic, honest way. We create itineraries custom to your dreams while ensuring sustained support to the local communities and nature.  

Meet the Team:

Sipping fresh roasted coffee in the    highlands of Guatemala   .

Sipping fresh roasted coffee in the highlands of Guatemala.

Breanne, Owner & Planner

More than a decade ago, Breanne sold her belongings and backpacked throughout Latin America for six months, a decision that forever shaped her way of life and this company.

Travel ignites a strong passion for authentic adventure and the understanding of new cultures. A wish to share these experiences lead her to join the adventure travel industry.  Over the past decade, her passion for travel and exploring other cultures has only grown deeper.

Since her original journey to Latin America, she's been fortunate to return many times and even lived in Buenos Aires and Bariloche in Argentina. Wanderlust has gifted her many global experiences, including living in Spain, summiting an 18,000 ft. peak in Peru, and camping in the Sahara. With two continents left to visit and endless people to meet and adventures to be had, she's not stopping anytime soon. As they say, "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer."

David, Director of Operations

David was fortunate to fall in love with both travel and outdoor adventure as a child. However, it was the decision to quit his corporate job, sell everything, and backpack through Latin America for six months that was truly transformative and solidified his love for adventure travel. Authentic cultural experiences topped with a healthy dose of adventure in beautiful environments, from climbing volcanoes to exploring a town’s finest singletrack by mountain bike, yielded incredible memories.

With an MBA and a decade of experience in management consulting and operations, David manages the backend operations to deliver a wonderful experience to our clients. Passionate about protecting the natural environment and empowering local communities, David strives to minimize the environmental impact while capitalizing on the opportunity to use international travel as a positive influence in the destinations in which we operate.

At mile 60 of the    Leadville 100    mountain bike race…all smiles!

At mile 60 of the Leadville 100 mountain bike race…all smiles!

Snuggling with her cat, Dr. Venkman.

Snuggling with her cat, Dr. Venkman.

Ivy, Design Lead

Ivy McNally contributes brilliant designs to Root Adventures from her home base in Los Angeles, where she also works as a senior graphic designer at UCLA. Ivy spent 10 years as the in-house creative at San Francisco's largest independent real estate firm and has developed branding and collateral for several exciting pursuits, a few of which are highlighted at ivymcnally.com. When not at work, you can find her budget decorating, planning vacations and definitely not cooking.

Kayaking in the    Sea of Cortez in Baja   ! © Kersten Vasey

Kayaking in the Sea of Cortez in Baja! © Kersten Vasey

Ellie, Writer

Ellie Bradley is a Colorado-based writer who brings to Root Adventures her love of coffee, competition, and dad jokes. She is the communications manager at PeopleForBikes, holds a masters in technical writing from Portland State University and has written everything from home repair guides to coffee encyclopedias. Her travel and lifestyle content appears in Adventure Journal, The Everygirl, The Grind, and CoffeeTalk Magazine. On Ellie's travel bucket list are Iceland, Rwanda, Japan, Switzerland, Argentina, and New Zealand.

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