We are a nimble company focused on relaying your message and vision. Whether you are interested in a mutually beneficial partnership focused on shared branding or interested in a private/white label trip designed to put your brand front and center, we are excited to work with you to create a trip your clients, employees and contributors will remember for a lifetime! Give us a call at 720.840.0866 or email info@rootadventures.com to get started. Or…

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Our marketing team helps build your brand and promote your trip and company.

Ideal for:
- Fitness/Wellness practitioners and studio owners
- Small business owners
- Non-profits
- Business owners interested in limiting efforts and risk


Picture twenty of your most dedicated clients trekking all 26 miles of the Inca Trail, climbing two arduous summits together en route to Machu Picchu. As they embark on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, every social media post will showcase their achievement—all while wearing YOUR logo. Every time they tell their friends about Machu Picchu, they’ll sing YOUR praises. And most importantly, every time they attend a class, they’ll be training for something bigger and better in anticipation of the next journey! They'll work harder every day they get closer to departure, which means they'll see results faster and praise YOUR name louder!

Copyright Kersten Vasey

Copyright Kersten Vasey

We handle all of the planning and logistics, while you get them ready—think of all the amazing photos! We offer group travel planning with an emphasis on cultural immersion while incorporating your company’s message. It is an ideal way to forever link your business with unforgettable memories of adventure, learning and camaraderie.

We Include a robust support structure to keep your brand front and center:

  • Your brand logos displayed throughout the user experience, from itinerary page through registration and payment.

  • A custom registration page with questions or details pertinent to you.

  • Your brand logo on the confirmation email. When your clients book, they will receive a confirmation email with both your logo and Root's.

  • Auto emails will be sent to specified addresses with each registration, so you have a clear picture of bookings.

  • A Google sheet w/ passengers’ info, so you can easily reference client details.

  • Free marketing! Because there is no financial cost to you, my success is dependent on your success. In order to better sell your trip, I include the following:

    • Professionally designed flyers and posters for your trip that you are free to distribute

    • Paid advertisements on social media platforms.

    • Facebook Live Q&AsIn-studio slideshow to build excitement

Private Label

We take care of all the planning and stay behind the scenes, so only your brand is visible.

Ideal for:
- Incentive/Reward travel within a company
Branded media trips (apparel, gear, etc.)
- Outsourced travel planning assistance

Incentive/Reward Travel:

Copyright Kersten Vasey

Copyright Kersten Vasey

Company Incentive Trips aren't what they used to be. Your employees work hard and they play harder. They want stories to tell their friends. They want to come back from their hard-earned incentive trip with photos to make everyone jealous. How about an up-close encounter with a lion in the Serengeti? Sipping glacial-ice-cooled scotch atop a calving glacier? Or riding a camel deep into the Sahara to camp under the stars? We design trips the whole office will drool over, ensuring that your team surpasses their goals!

Branded Media Trips:

Copyright Kersten Vasey

Copyright Kersten Vasey

Our travel and hospitality skill-set makes us uniquely capable in creating custom, off-the-beaten-path experiences to elevate your clients' brand and highlight your value. Some of our signature trips include staying on a private, uninhabited beach in Baja in deluxe glamping tents on a the pristine Sea of Cortez. We provide fresh, healthy food, opportunities to kayak, swim with the sea lions, and hike on the nearby cliffs. Or if you are looking for a more active trip with many opportunities to meet the locals, glamping in the Guatemala Highlands provides boundless vistas and opportunities for cultural immersion. Everything is completely curated to your needs, so you can confidently offer experience that are unique to your clients' needs. We plan trips all over the world, specializing in adventure destinations in Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa. 

Outsourced travel planning assistance:

If you need any assistance in travel planning, we are always available to discuss your need. Please give us a call at 720.840.0866 or email info@rootadventures.com to get started!


The benefits to you are numerous:

  • Per person commission paid directly to you

  • Your travelers will remember this trip for a lifetime, and will deepen their relationship with you and your brand

  • Increase your brand awareness - these trips are great for attracting new clients, employees and funding!

  • Organic social media marketing by guests of the retreat


Sample Trips:

All our trips are offered on a custom-basis. If you dream it, we’ll make it happen! Here are some samples to help inspire…

Costa Rica Surf Adventure

Tanzania Yoga Safari

Guatemala Glamping

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