“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”


root ( \ˈrüt), verb: to become fixed or established
(ad·ven·ture), noun: a bold, usually risky undertaking

At first glance, “Root Adventures” may seem a paradox - exploration and grounding are in direct opposition. But here at Root Adventures, we believe the best way to connect to yourself, community and world around you is to go to a place of vulnerability. Travel allows us to strip away our preconceived notions and see the people and communities around the world through a new, less-filtered lense. Travel should be a transformative, soul-connecting, honest exploration of your deeper self. We focus on creating adventures that allow you to stray from the beaten path and connect to the local culture, nature and community in an authentic, honest way. We create itineraries custom to your dreams while ensuring sustained support to the local communities and nature.  

Meet the Team:

Sipping fresh roasted coffee in the    highlands of Guatemala   .

Sipping fresh roasted coffee in the highlands of Guatemala.

Breanne, Owner & Planner

More than a decade ago, Breanne sold her belongings and backpacked throughout Latin America for six months, a decision that forever shaped her way of life and this company.

Travel ignites a strong passion for authentic adventure and the understanding of new cultures. A wish to share these experiences lead her to join the adventure travel industry.  Over the past decade, her passion for travel and exploring other cultures has only grown deeper.

Since her original journey to Latin America, she's been fortunate to return many times and even lived in Buenos Aires and Bariloche in Argentina. Wanderlust has gifted her many global experiences, including living in Spain, summiting an 18,000 ft. peak in Peru, and camping in the Sahara. With two continents left to visit and endless people to meet and adventures to be had, she's not stopping anytime soon. As they say, "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer."

David, Director of Operations

David was fortunate to fall in love with both travel and outdoor adventure as a child. However, it was the decision to quit his corporate job, sell everything, and backpack through Latin America for six months that was truly transformative and solidified his love for adventure travel. Authentic cultural experiences topped with a healthy dose of adventure in beautiful environments, from climbing volcanoes to exploring a town’s finest singletrack by mountain bike, yielded incredible memories.

With an MBA and a decade of experience in management consulting and operations, David manages the backend operations to deliver a wonderful experience to our clients. Passionate about protecting the natural environment and empowering local communities, David strives to minimize the environmental impact while capitalizing on the opportunity to use international travel as a positive influence in the destinations in which we operate.

At mile 60 of the    Leadville 100    mountain bike race…all smiles!

At mile 60 of the Leadville 100 mountain bike race…all smiles!

Ivy, Design Lead


Ivy McNally contributes brilliant designs to Root Adventures from her home base in Los Angeles, where she also works as a senior graphic designer at UCLA. Ivy spent 10 years as the in-house creative at San Francisco's largest independent real estate firm and has developed branding and collateral for several exciting pursuits. When not at work, you can find her budget decorating, planning vacations and definitely not cooking.

Leslie, Photojournalist


Leslie Kehmeier has been telling stories about the outdoors with photos, maps, and words for over two decades. She has documented experiences, events, and destinations across the globe, on all seven continents. With Leslie, there is no project too big, or an idea to crazy. As a Colorado-born adventure nerd, Leslie does not currently call anywhere home. Always on the go, she is most comfortable running through airports to catch a flight or steering the wheel of her Sprinter (Henry Tan Van) in search of good food, amazing coffee, and great experiences.

Kersten, Photographer


An Asheville native, Kersten Vasey currently lives just outside of Fort Collins, Colorado. Weekdays find her working as the Creative Director for BoldBrew with clients in the food and outdoor industries, but on off-hours, she lives for traveling, skiing, climbing, “gluten-full” eating, running, cooking, and photography. With nearly a decade of experience in advertising, she contributes photography to Root Adventures and works as an Ambassador for Topo Designs in her spare time. 

Meet our Tour Leaders:


Danielle, Personal Trainer

Danielle Schemieder, founder of Movmnt Fitness has been a Personal Trainer, Performance Exercise Specialist, and Bootcamp instructor for over 8 years. She believes exercise doesn’t have to be a chore, but can instead be incorporated into the life you love. Balance is what this is about and she’s all about getting outside, eating great food, and putting out maximum effort. She’s a firm believer in the phrase, “no excuses” and believes you CAN make anything happen. Set goals, incorporate them into your daily life, and work towards them on a consistent basis.

Upcoming trips with Danielle: Greece (details TBA)
Past trips:


Kate, Holistic Living Guide

Kate Van Horn is a yoga instructor, blogger, multi-passionate entrepreneur. But that’s just her resume. She’s just a woman doing her best. Putting her best foot forward every day - expressing gratitude, discovering our voices, and learning how to stand in her own power. She’s also a crystal collecting, donut for dessert, beagle loving, chlorophyll in her water wellness-lover driven by an intense desire to cut through the BS and help women reclaim their strength and inner light. She’s here to share with you that that you are capable, your body is beautiful, your intuition is powerful, life is a work in practice, and that you too can discover and practice radical self-love.

Upcoming trips with Kate: Costa Rica | Baja
Past trips:


Carisa, Mindfulness Coach

Carisa Banuelos has over 20,000 combined hours of research and training in the following areas: Meditation, Mindfulness, Shamanism, Reiki, Yoga, Buddhist Psychology, and Yoga Psychology. She has studied ancient texts such as The Yoga Sutras, The Bhagavad Gita, and The Abhidharma and has worked with internationally known teachers including Ashley Turner (Yoga Psychology) and Psalm Isadora in order to bring ancient methods of healing to the modern world. She has her own practice where she teaches kids as young as 7 as well as adults the life altering practice of meditation and mindfulness. Within you exists the framework and genius to discover all that you need for healing at the deepest level; let us help you find it!

Past trips with Carisa: Costa Rica


Jeff, Photographer & Community Leader

A native of Northeast Denver, Jeff S. Fard, better known as brother jeff, is a multimedia journalist, historian and community organizer who lectures nationally speaking to youth, students, social organizations, and professionals about subjects including cultural identity and history, diversity, self-empowerment, community building, economic development, health disparities, and the uniting power of art. In 1994 he founded brother jeff’s Cultural Center—located in the historic Five Points District in Northeast Denver—a space committed to fostering growth, strength, and voice in the community. He is also the publisher and editor of the award-winning monthly publication, 5 POINTS NEWS.

Past trips with Jeff: Ethiopia


Katie, MS, RD, RYT

Katie Cavuto is an Integrative Dietitian, yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, chef and wellness advocate. She loves all things that nourish our souls including good food, great conversations, laughter, travel, and quiet time on her yoga mat. Her mission is to inspire and empower others to live well through messages of self-love, mindfulness and abundant joy.

She has a bachelor’s degree in culinary nutrition from Johnson and Wales University and MS in clinical nutrition from Tufts University. She is a certified reiki practitioner and RYT-200 yoga teacher with years of experience working with wellness individual and corporate clients.

She is also the nutrition adviser for Unite for HER, an organization that educates and empowers woman with breast and reproductive cancer.

Upcoming trips with Katie: Baja


Raquel, Personal Trainer & Healer

Raquel Scianna is a soul streaker, medicinal mover and ritual weaver. Drawing upon her background as an intimacy coach & sensuality educator, energy healer, and yoga/cycle/fitness teacher, she believes in integrating & expanding all parts of our dynamic selves; from the outrageously woo-woo to the ecstatically earthbound.

She is devoted to supporting her students & clients in cultivating nourishing connection to their inherent wisdom, their bodies, and their communities & relationships.  

Raquel weaves her extensive training in mindful movement, divine feminine & masculine studies, somatic bodywork, indigenous spirituality into powerful healing crucible for individuals, couples & groups...all set to a bumpin’ reggaeton playlist.

Upcoming trips with Raquel: Ouray, Colorado


Krystal, Alignment Yoga Teacher

After 19 years of practicing yoga and 10 years of teaching, Krystal Chesnutt’s expertise is using the practice of yoga to allow us to live fully and move and feel better. She includes the grace of flow, curiosities of alignment and the exploration of who we are in the moment. Yoga unveils the deepest layers of ourselves so that we may have contentment with life unfolding just as it is.  Krystal challenges you to find your limits, and meet fear and resistance with love and whole heart. She earned her 500-ERYT, which includes over thousands of hours of teaching on top of 500+ hours of training. As a lifetime student, Krystal finds inspiration from Christina Sell, Michelle Marchildon, and Seane Corn. Krystal teaches Hatha and strong alignment Vinyasa.

Past trips with Krystal: Costa Rica


Millete, Ethiopia Expert & Community Leader

As an immigrant from Ethiopia, Millete was inspired to share the beauty community of her home country, thus created the Whittier Café in Denver’s historic Whittier neighborhood. The African espresso bar has a social justice focus, is a gathering place for community activists and keeps a justice tab to provide coffee to individuals who need a break. As real estate agent, Millete believes you can fight gentrification by helping people, especially people of color, own property. She is a former journalist and after she founded of The Ethiopian Community Center in Denver, she won the Social Responsibility Award from the Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce Chamber Connect. All of her ventures strive to empower people of color to connect and succeed.

Past trips with Millete: Ethiopia


Emily, Personal Trainer

Emily Troxler is an emerging leader in the field of fitness, transformational work, mindfulness, and self-love. Emily is a NASM certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist as well as a self love advocate.

Emily’s approach is simple, you must train your mind alongside your body. What good is a healthy body if your mind is out of whack? She focuses on strength training to get you the body you’ve always wanted and mindfulness in order to achieve confidence like you’ve never felt before.

Emily is a personal trainer at e3 Fitness and leads their retreats. Fitness at e3 means lifestyle, change, focus, and impact. It means creating an environment where we can flex our muscles with purpose. The e3 Community operates this way. While we drive to accomplish our personal goals with gusto, we see our peers accomplish their goals with that same fervor. Working in a group-format strengthens this bond.

Upcoming trips with Emily: Baja


Paige, Personal Trainer

Paige Milstein found her love for fitness and healthy eating soon after succumbing to the many temptations of college life. After spiraling downward in her first year, she realized she wanted, and more importantly, deserved better. Through healthy living, she discovered her happiest, most fulfilled self. Paige took that passion and turned it into a career. As a certified personal trainer, Paige wakes every morning before the sun, teaches several classes a day at Endorphin and seeks any opportunity to move and laugh with friends!

Upcoming trips with Paige: Ouray, Colorado

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