Wellness Travel: explore, connect, inspire, nourish, challenge, & just be.

Wellness travel provides an opportunity to connect with nature, people and become your best self. Whether you're interested in a physically challenging, goal oriented trip or want to tap into your deeper self, we have a trip for you. All of our trips allow you the chance to get off the beaten path and connect with the local community.

We are personal trainers and wellness seekers who have dedicated our lives to exploring this beautiful planet and finding fulfillment through connection to nature and people. We are on a mission to connect people to those with common goals and people outside your typical circle. 


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Looking for an opportunity to meet like minded people?! Join one of our group trips. Whether you’re looking for a physical challenge, holistic exploration or just a chance to delve into a new culture, we have the trip for you. All our trips will leave you renewed and connected to amazing people.

Create your own adventure!

Whether you are a family, individual or group leader for 100+ travelers, we can create a journey catered to your wishes. We will discuss your interests and priorities and design the trip of your dreams. We plan trips all over the globe, take a look at our sample trips for inspiration.

Past Trip Photos:

Founders in Baja
March 6-10, 2019

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