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ROOT Fest, Colorado

I went to Baja without expectations and with a group of strangers — and left wanting to move there, as a group of tight-knit friends. Breanne and David did an excellent job of striking the perfect balance between relaxation and activity. There was so much to do on the island - kayaking, SUPing, snorkeling, swimming with sea lions, stargazing... the possibilities are endless.
- Kersten, Baja
What a fabulous celebration of wellness! The week was both stimulating and relaxing, invigorating and calming.
- Maureen, Costa Rica

Yoga in Costa Rica

We had an amazing time! I went with my family, my wife and two kids, we had an absolutely wonderful experience. Everything surpassed our expectations. We enjoyed every single moment. Camp Cecil was extraordinary, the staff, the guides, the food, everything!!!
- Pablo and family, Baja

Whittier Cafe in Ethiopia

Root Founders in Baja

“Our experience in Ethiopia was PHENOMENAL! The tour guide, Ashenafi (Ashu) was well-organized, passionate, and very knowledgeable. We didn’t need Google, we could just “Ashu it”! :-) It was a wonderful learning experience, and an unexpected yet welcomed pilgrimage to the cradle of humanity.”
- Tanya and sons, Ethiopia

Women in Balance in Baja

Work Hard, Play hard
with Movment Fitness in Baja

This retreat was just what was needed....a time to step away from daily life and social media. Reconnecting with nature and staying active while enjoying a healthy diet and making new friends.
- Paula, Baja

Private Family Glamping in Baja

Outdoor Women’s Alliance in Baja

Our trip was the perfect combination of hanging out at pristine and desolate beaches and staying on the go with all of the fun activities Breanne planned. I’d highly recommend this trip and especially Breanne’s organizational skills and contacts in the area!
- Morgan and family, Baja

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