Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Adventure travel offers the unique opportunity to generate tremendous benefits in the small communities we visit and through proactive efforts we can reduce our environmental impact and protect the beautiful areas that make travel so special.

We strive to be a positive positive influence both at our home office in Denver and in the destinations that we visit. For example, we only work with local operators and guides who share our focus on minimizing environmental impact and employ local staff with fair wages. Closer to home, we work with women and minority owned small businesses and businesses that operate sustainably, whenever possible, for our various business needs. Our due diligence in selecting business partners extends beyond just wonderful guides; all partners must share our values.

We partner with several organizations to reduce the impact of adventure travel. One important organization, Travelers Against Plastic, encourages travelers to decline single use plastics (water bottles, cutlery, bags, etc.) and instead travel with a re-usable water bottle and come prepared to clean their own water (or use the hotel’s and guide’s provided filtered water).

International Travel is an inherently carbon intensive activity. It is important to negate the negative effects of these emissions to protect the fragile environments that we treasure so dearly. We strongly encourage you to consider purchasing carbon offset credits for your flights and other travel emissions. We've partnered with the non-profit Sustainable Travel International to fund carbon reduction projects around the world. Check out their Travel Carbon Calculator to determine your emissions and the surprisingly affordable offset credits.

We encourage you to reduce material consumption related to your travel adventures. Why purchase band-new gear that's only used a couple times a year? And if your backpack just has a broken zipper, let's get it fixed! Find links to your local gear rental and repair shops. And if you truly do need a new jacket or hiking pants, check out the Renewal Workshop and their restored, high quality clothing from the best brands.


Just as we continually strive to improve the experience of our travelers, we are constantly enhancing our sustainability program based on research, local efforts in the communities we visit, and new tools. Not only do we want to operate as culturally and environmentally sustainably as possible, but we want to inspire others in the industry to follow our lead. We're happy to share our experiences and resources as you develop your own sustainability program. Contact David, our Director of Operations at 303-250-9048.

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