Picture twenty of your most dedicated members trekking all 26 miles of the Inca Trail, passing two arduous summits together. As they embark on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, every social media post will showcase their achievement—all while wearing YOUR logo. Every time they tell their friends about Machu Picchu, they’ll sing YOUR praises. And most importantly, every time they attend a class, they’ll be training for something bigger and better in anticipation of the next journey! They'll work harder every day they get closer to departure, which means they'll see results faster and praise YOUR name louder!

I handle all of the planning and logistics, while you get them ready—think of all the amazing photos!

Check out our Sample Itineraries...

Inca Trail Trek TO
Machu Picchu

Coast to Clouds
Costa Rica

Kilimanjaro Hike


  • An adventure of a lifetime with close friends and workout buddies. 

  • Extra motivation for that early morning workout. If you’re trip includes traversing all 26 miles of the Inca Trail, or going for a mountain summit, you can be sure that your clients will bring an extra element of motivation and passion to your classes.


  • Dedicated and loyal clients! Your clients will embrace how unique your business is and realize that you’re invested in them as people, not just a paying client.

  • Greater demand to join your gym. Potential clients will be attracted by the amazing opportunities that extend far beyond the four walls of the exercise studio.

  • Social media explosion! Your clients will post a plethora of amazing pictures to their social media networks, most likely wearing your logo and tagging your business for all their envious friends to drool over.


  • Your clients have taken a big step to improve their physical fitness by working with you. They aren’t the type to lounge around on the couch. They are seeking adventure and meaningful personal experiences. Rather than a normal trip to the beach, help provide them with the trip they’ve always dreamed of—something that you helped enable by getting them fit!
  • “Extraordinary adventures are overrated, unless you have someone to share them with!” Your clients are eagerly seeking their tribe. They’ve likely already developed deep friendships with other classmates and this shared adventure will solidify those bonds, along with their commitment to your gym. If they’re new to your gym, there’s nothing like  international adventure to quickly build those bonds and make new friends of like-minded strangers.
  • In the slimmest chance your clients aren’t interested in this, you’ve lost virtually nothing! We make this opportunity as easy as possible for your business, requiring only the nominal upfront commitment. It sure is a lot easier than hiring your own internal travel expert to plan a trip!


  • We take care of EVERYTHING! All you need to do is get ready for some psyched clients devoted to your business.

  • After finalizing the itinerary with you, we provide the marketing materials, branded with your logo, for you to distribute to your gyms and clients.

  • Clients book directly with us, adding zero additional burden for your busy staff.

  • There is no cost to you! Guests are responsible for paying for their trip, with 50% due at sign up, and the balance due 90 days prior to departure.

  • When it comes to travel, generally, guests prefer to book their own flights—the online airline consolidators make it easy. However, we are happy to book flights or provide any additional assistance on an as-needed basis.

  • In advance of their journey, we provide your clients with detailed itineraries, packing lists, destination info and everything else someone would want to know prior to embarking on an amazing adventure.

  • Questions? Our team of dedicated travel professionals is available to assist your clients with any and all questions they might have. We’ll provide our contact info prominently on the promotional material so they’ll know to contact us. We’ll also provide a “cheat sheet” to your staff so they know how to direct any inquiries that come up. Our team has several decades of experience in the industry, so we know how to plan amazing trips your clients will love.