Post Vacation Blues? SOLUTION: Wellness Travel

You've booked your tickets for the beach resort and you can't wait to sit on the sand and soak up that sun! But first, you need to go shopping for the perfect suit, workout tirelessly, stop eating, get a tan, yada, yada, yada! You finally make it to the beach after months of stress creating your perfect you, you're exhausted. You don't have energy to go for that jungle hike, kayak or even eat healthy. Bring on the margaritas, nachos and oh so many bad decisions! You fly home feeling exhausted and gross.

I say, NO!! That sounds exhausting, taxing and downright silly. Let's FLIP THE SCRIPT! Vacation should be a time to detox from the daily grind, love yourself and find balance. Imagine coming back from vacation feeling BETTER than when you left. Well rested, fit and balanced. That's wellness travel. Why not use your vacation to do all the things you "don't have time for" in your daily life. Take a cooking lesson, hike everyday, learn to surf, practice yoga daily, meditate, live your best life! 

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